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Networks for professional development

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Networks for professional development

so you’re always connected and keep growing

Whatever your work sector, you have a community waiting for you and everything you need for your professional development. Can I telework whilst being connected to a vibrant ecosystem of entrepreneurs, freelancers, digital nomads and professional communities? Yes, you can in Asturias.

IDEPA Asturias


We are the Agency for Science, Business Competitiveness and Innovation under the Regional Ministry of Science, Innovation and University of Asturias. Our mission is to seek the balanced, sustainable economic development of the Principality of Asturias through the creation and consolidation of a modern, diversified and competitive business fabric. Our work is based on values that make up our way of conceiving public service: customer oriented, strict compliance with current legislation, professionalism, efficiency and responsibility, social commitment and equal opportunities, and continuous improvement.

We maintain a close relationship with companies, public administrations and entities promoting business in order to offer you the best support during the entire process: from making your decision to the moment you come to Asturias.

CTIC Technological Centre for Information and Telecommunications

The Technological Centre for Information and Telecommunications Foundation (CTIC) is a non-profit making organisation created in 2003 to serve as a benchmark for research, innovation, product development and service provision in the field of ICT.

Through its head office at the Gijón Science and Technology Park, it is a driver for innovation and a technological partner of companies and administrations, generating innovative services and products. It promotes the incorporation of technology into the business processes of companies to make them more competitive and it also operates as an observatory for future technological trends in the field of digital technologies.

CTIC is Cervera’s technological centre of excellence in Artificial Intelligence technologies.

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Fundación CTIC
Cluster TIC Asturias

Clúster TIC Asturias (ICT Cluster Asturias)

Clúster TIC Asturias, whose head office is located at the Gijón Science and Technology Park, is a non-profit making organisation created in 2003 to improve the competitiveness of the ICT sector in Asturias and to seek and develop solutions that boost productivity and business efficiency, leading the digital transformation process in the region.
After 18 years of operations, Clúster TIC, Agrupación Empresaria Innovadora has become the reference group for the regional technology industry, representing a total of 92 entities, 3,454 jobs and more than 361 million in turnover.

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(Asturias Digital Innovation Hub)

The European Commission through the call for tender ‘European Digital Innovation Hubs EDIHs’ has approved the application by the Asturias Digital Innovation Hub – AsDIH promoted by the Government of the Principality of Asturias through the Ministries of Science and Industry, headed up by the Institute of Economic Development of the Principality of Asturias (IDEPA) with €890,000 having been allocated for the next 3 years (period 22-25).

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Asturias Digital Innovation Hub
AS5-HUB, Laboratorio de Innovación Abierta

Open Innovation Lab

The Government of Asturias has set in motion the first open innovation laboratory in the Principality in Gijón. The AS5-HUB building, located in the Science and Technology Park, will serve as an incubator and accelerator for innovative activity, being backed up by major companies and the presence of business clusters.
With nearly 1,000 m2, the AS5-HUB intends to put Asturias on the map of Spanish Autonomous Communities which boast the facilities to promote, attract and export innovation.

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LABoral Centre for Art and Industrial Creation

LABoral Centre for Art and Industrial Creation is a multidisciplinary space that promotes artistic exchange and fosters the relationship between society, art, science, technology and creative industries. It constitutes an open platform for research, production, dissemination and interpretation of the cultural forms which arise from the creative use of new technologies.

Inaugurated in 2007, it represents a new art centre model whose programming is essentially based on the proposal of participation and dialogue strategies at the very intersection of art and industrial creation.

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Laboral Centro de Arte


The Regional Agri-Food Research and Development Service (SERIDA) is the public agri-food research body of the Principality of Asturias. It sets out to contribute to the modernisation and improvement of the capacities of the regional agri-food sector by carrying out research and technological development projects, maintaining a close link with the countryside and continuous collaboration with the main agents of the sector: Associations, Cooperatives, Regulatory Councils, agri-food companies and individuals.
Scientific-technical services:
– Animal Nutrition Laboratory (SERIDA Villaviciosa)
(accredited by ENAC; Standard 17025)
– Cider and Derivatives Laboratory (SERIDA Villaviciosa)
(accredited by ENAC; Standard 17025)
– Molecular genetics laboratory
(Centre for Animal Biotechnology, Deva)
– Reproduction Laboratories
– Cryobanks: conservation of animal, plant and microbial germplasm banks

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