Where to telework in Asturias

Chica trabajando en un centro de coworking

Work spaces designed for your needs

If you don’t want to work from home, you have a wide range of options to work as you like: collaborative spaces, individual offices, etc … all with the best possible views and strategically located to facilitate your work.

Espacio Maqua

Espacio Maqua

Espacio Maqua is the place where the process of change is nurtured. That’s why we offer a unique ecosystem of workspaces, support resources, and collaboration, along with expert guidance to promote business sustainability.
La Cutidora Aviles

La Curtidora

At La Curtidora, we provide new businesses, those taking their first steps in the region, as well as well-established companies in the market, with spaces and services tailored to their needs, in a prestigious building, within a business environment, and with no initial investment required.

El Acougo de Pitasana


Acougo de Pitasana is a rural coliving and coworking where you can stay and work on your project. Enjoying the company of curious people, food from the garden and the atmosphere of home. Every year, we hold an arts festival in what used to be a modest chicken coop. Music, art, theater and community come together in an event that unites people and celebrates life in the rural world: PitaFesta.

Asturias digital


Coworking located in the Cuencas mineras of Asturias, right by the Redes Natural Park, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. It’s just a few metres from the technological and business complexes of El Entrego, a town that is well connected to Oviedo and Gijón by motorway, train, and bus. A space for rent with super-fast internet and free coffee area. IT consultancy, translations and web services with more than 26 years of global experience. Virtual offices for businesses. Company domiciliation.

Edificio Cristasa

Cristasa Building

Located in an old glass factory, rehabilitated as a business residence, the Cristasa incubator
is intended for innovative projects in the service sector, where intense work is done on the development of the collaborative economy and social innovation. It is located on the first floor of the building, it has an area of 120 m² where the open collaboration space is located for common work, informal meetings, training sessions, etc. The advisory office for Gijón Impulsa’s technical staff is also located there.

Building I4.0


Incubation spaces for entrepreneurs and innovative companies related to digitalization and Industry 4.0. The building offers a variety of possible uses: offices, coworking space, basement workshop. It also has an events hall set up to host conferences and other events.

Incubadora Equilibria

Incubadora de alta tecnología Equilibria

The Equilibria High-Tech Incubator, 80% co-financed by the European Regional Developmet Fund (ERDF) 2014-2020, to promote the creation of new projects and enterprises linked to current society challenges in terms of health, sport and food fields. We offer coworking spaces, individual training and advice, as well as access to financing for entrepreneurs who have a business idea or an entrepreneurial project to be developed in one of these work fields.

La Pipa


LA PIPA is a space for imagination, an open innovation platform and home to some of the best talent in Europe across diverse disciplines. LA PIPA is a human led sandbox blending AI, ML, Robotics, Data, Music & Entertainment, Media, Tech and sustainability through Business, Service & Experience design with the goal of helping our clients deal with change.

Spaceworks Gijón


Located in an emblematic building in the heart of Gijón with fantastic views of the sea, it has everything you need: high-speed Wi-Fi, administrative assistance and an environment full of energy.

WAX Arena Xixón

WAX Work Arena Xixón


Work Arena Xixón is your new coworking space in front of San Lorenzo beach in Gijón. Join us and be part of a community of professionals who value the exchange of ideas and experience and make healthy use of their free time.

Centro municipal de empresas La Cardosa del Ayuntamiento de Grado

La Cardosa


The “La Cardosa” Municipal Business Center is a complex of facilities for economic promotion and employment that the Grado City Council makes available to businessmen/women and entrepreneurs in the Council to promote local business and encourage the emergence of new business projects.

Centro de Empresas Valnalón

Centro de Empresas Valnalón

Shared and individual spaces, with flexibility to choose the format of the stay, either for hours or full days. It is also a space to generate synergies with other companies, and professionals, in a collaborative environment open to new opportunities.



The Principality’s network of public business centers offers you spaces for work and networking activities, as well as business support, throughout the Asturian urban and rural territory.

Bioincubator PTAsturias


This is a facility adapted to the needs of new companies in the field of life sciences which are looking for a space to start up their business immediately. 6 turnkey laboratories with an integrated office and common instrument room, both fully equipped.

Incubator PTAsturias


A building for innovative, technology-based companies and projects with coworking spaces, equipped private offices, events hall, meeting and training rooms … a high-quality business environment that fosters knowledge-sharing and cooperation among companies.

Coworking Lugones

A totally exterior space, located in the center of Asturias Lugones-Siero, a stone’s throw from the capital, Oviedo, without the traffic inconveniences that this entails. It has Internet, independent tables, a meeting room, an event room, printing, photocopying, scanning and postal delivery services. You can find free parking, public transport and restaurants nearby.

Business & Work Oviedo


Business Center with a privileged location, in the heart of Oviedo and design facilities with all the services your company needs. Aimed at companies and professionals, it has private offices, coworking positions and meeting rooms, equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi and the latest technology. It also has Domiciliation and Virtual Office services.

Centro de Actividades La Florida

Centro de Actividades La Florida


La Florida Activity Center is a flexible, luminous and cosy working space in one of the most open and quiet neighborhoods of the city, with no parking problems and in contact with nature.

Come and join the Talud Ería Coworking Community!

Coworking Hub Digital - Cámara de Comercio de Oviedo

Coworking Hub Digital – Cámara de Comercio de Oviedo


The Digital Coworking Space of the Chamber of Commerce of Oviedo offers a collaborative and modern environment where professionals can work and access valuable advisory services in digital transformation. This innovative space facilitates interaction and synergy among entrepreneurs and businesses, promoting growth and adaptation to the digital world. With state-of-the-art facilities and experts in the field, it’s the ideal place to drive projects and enhance competitiveness in the digital age.

Diseño o Barbarie

Diseño o Barbarie


Diseño o Barbarie is an authentic space in the historic area of Oviedo, right on the medieval city wall street, where you can work, meet, host, or attend events.

El Camaleón de Rubik


If you are looking for a space in Oviedo that adapts to your work style and not the other way around, this is the place for you. Work in a bright coworking space, have meeting rooms with as many combinations as a Rubik’s cube or join the Chameleon community, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

Espacio Coworker Oviedo

Espacio Coworker

CO Espacio Coworker, is a work center, located in the Historic Center of the city of Oviedo; with all the necessary services so that professionals of any kind can develop their business activity.
Coworking is an ideal formula for those looking for a workspace tailored to their needs, where they can work, meet with their clients and establish collaborations by taking advantage of the synergies between different professionals.
Espacio Coworking Talud Ería300

Espacio Coworking Talud Ería


We are a multidisciplinary municipal coworking space that is free of charge. In addition to providing a unique workspace and all the necessary services for working and holding meetings or company presentations, you will find support and expert guidance to help develop your business idea or entrepreneurial project. We offer assistance in business strategy, ICT, procedures, and project implementation, as well as various activities, training sessions, networking events, synergies, and much more!

Come and join the Talud Ería Coworking Community!

Invernadero Cowork


Invernadero is a collaborative workspace where the management of interdisciplinary projects in which coworkers can participate is encouraged.
Invernadero offers different options so that you have a place to develop your work, a space that encourages creativity and collaborative culture.

Regus Oviedo Mendizábal


Elevate your business in a landmark location in the centre of Oviedo. Our Calle San Francisco 2 office space is in the historic Banco Asturiano building, next to the University of Oviedo and buzzing Plaza de la Escandalera.

Centro coworking Cowtainers

Cowtainers Innovation Hub

Located in Ribera de Arriba, a few kilometers from the capital of Asturias, Cowtainers offers entrepreneurs, startups, and established companies a unique opportunity to thrive in an inspiring and sustainable environment. Located in an idyllic setting, surrounded by lush forests and panoramic views, it is more than just a workspace; it is a sanctuary for creativity and collaboration! It features coworking spaces, private offices, meeting rooms, and an auditorium.

The Black Whale Coworking


At the Black Whale Coworking, you can join us and work in a comfy environment, surrounded by Art, warm Chimney, Cafe & Bar, and of course High speed internet connexion. Feel the Atlantic ocean, the Black Whale is directly at the Sand dunes of Salinas, a pictorial Village, where you can go surfing afterwork, grab a free bike and go to enjoy the wonderful neighborhood, or just wandering at the beach.

Centro coworking El Sabil Santo Adriano

El Sabil


Business Center located in a natural environment and a few kilometers from the main cities of Asturias. It has premises for offices, suitable for workshops and storage, as well as a coworking space. Equipped with everything necessary to launch a project a unic natural environment.