What does Asturias have to offer?

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of coastline

Asturias Natural Paradise

Asturias has the best preserved coastline in the country…

220 beaches that extend over more than 400 km of coastline: impressive coves, wild beaches, waves to (at last!) start surfing… are you coming?

Mild weather

Thanks to the sea and its prime location on the Cantabrian coast, Asturias enjoys a temperate climate, an increasingly appreciated aspect given the general increase in temperatures in the summer months.
The oceanic climate of Asturias can mainly be put down to the sea and the low altitude of the coastal zone. Average temperatures usually range from 19°C on average in August to 9°C in February, which is usually the coldest month of the year in the region.

Picos de Europa (Peaks of Europe)

One of the great pleasures of living in Asturias is being able to switch between the sea and places like the Picos de Europa Biosphere Reserve and Natural Park. Enjoy a walk, horseback riding and stays in a magical environment, just around the corner from your home…





Qué ofrece Asturias. Bosque asturiano


A very short distance from the city you will have all the natural space you can imagine, 7 Biosphere Reserves recognised by UNESCO, footpaths such as the amazing Senda del Oso, the Senda de los Miradores or the Senda del Agua, protected spaces or incredible lakes which you can enjoy alone, in the company of friends or with your family.

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The cultural heritage of Asturias is indisputable and what’s more there is a wide range of activities promoted by its museums, cinemas, theatres and fairs, amongst other activities such as St. James Way or the cheese routes.
A wide range of activities as varied as the collections that you can enjoy in the Fine Arts Museum of Oviedo or discovering the in-depth knowledge of the time of the dinosaurs in the Jurassic Museum of Asturias.

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Qué ofrece Asturias. Cultura, Santa María del Naranco, Oviedo
Qué ofrece Asturias. Quesos cabrales curando en una cueva


Asturias has internationally recognised gastronomy (10 Michelin stars 2023).
Asturian cuisine is unique. It is based on rich dishes which made sense many years ago in view of the physical labour of many Asturians, but Asturias is gastronomically light too with its fish and shellfish. You’ll be sure to find what suits you best from amongst the wide range of high quality cuisine to be found throughout the region.

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Sand banks to spend a quiet day with the family, accessible and particularly enticing owing to their beauty, even declared as natural monuments, and where you can have unique experiences in the water enjoying yourself on a surfboard, with a diving team…

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Qué ofrece Asturias.Costa, Vista del pueblo de Cudillero


From the mountains to the sea, or underground, Asturias has all the ingredients you’ll need for the best adventure cocktail, boasting the natural settings required to carry out a long list of activities during the four seasons of the year: golf, skiing, surfing, swimming, paragliding, kayaking

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And if you like to enjoy the snow, you can reach the ski resorts within 30 minutes from the coast and enjoy alpine or cross-country skiing, snowshoeing or snowboarding.

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Gijón won the 2021 Tourist Experiences award in 2021 for its Blue Tourism project; Oviedo‘s tourism is hitting new highs, standing out at European level for its cleanliness and also for its public spaces, whilst Avilés will win you over with its pedestrian attractions and its Old Town endowed with medieval architecture.

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