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What’s the internet coverage like in Asturias?

More than 92% of the Asturian population has a high quality of coverage, between good and excellent, even in a large part of the municipalities located in rural areas.

Results provided by the Drive test carried out by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and University in 2022.

Further information: Drive test Asturias 2022


What type of healthcare coverage do I require as a remote worker in Asturias?

The worker can access public health care with his/her residence permit, requesting registration with the General Social Security Treasury. Asturian public health is ranked as the 3rd best in the country in terms of health services and ranked 1st in terms of budget allocated per inhabitant.


Are there co-working spaces in Asturias for digital nomads?


What is flight connectivity to Asturias like?

Asturias has 12 international destinations, 27 direct destinations and 5 connection hubs.



What is the cost of living in Asturias?

Living in Asturias, in Gijón or in Oviedo is 17% cheaper than living in Madrid and 15% cheaper than in Barcelona, according to a Bank of Spain report drawn up in 2021.


Will I be able to rent a car as a digital nomad in Asturias?

Yes, there are also electric vehicle rental options by the hour at various platforms via apps such as Guppy, Hi mobility or Hellorentacar.


Is Asturias a safe country to work in?

Asturias is the 2nd safest region in Spain, according to Home Office data.


Do I need a visa to work as a digital nomad in Asturias?

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Any more questions?

Any more questions?

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