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Digital nomads are people whose jobs allow them to work remotely and move frequently, making highly skilled work compatible with immersive tourism in the country of residence.
Asturias today has the ideal business environment and business and telecommunications network for promoting this type of work which is here to stay.

Why Asturias?

Asturias is one of the best destinations in Europe for working remotely, not only because of what it offers as a nature destination, but also because you can enjoy a very advantageous cost of living compared to large cities. This translates into significant savings on housing and transportation but, above all, more quality free time.

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What does Asturias have to offer?

Asturias has beaches, mountains, nature, sports, leisure, culture… It is the perfect environment to enjoy a quality of life that few places can offer.

Everything you want is here

Asturias is recognised for the quality of its tourist offer, which combines the liveliness of its cities with its magnificent rural environment, making it a leader in Spain.

In 2022 it broke all its tourist records, with a constant growth in international visitors.

The current situation has boosted working from home and has driven us to adapt to this new way of working: let’s do it in the best possible environment.

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Asturias is located on the northern coast of Spain, bathed by the Cantabrian Sea and boasting an unbeatable geographical position: we are the North of Southern Europe with air connections to 12 international destinations.


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