About the municipality

  • Population: 130

  • Area: 32 km2

  • Telephone: (+34) 985 97 26 63 – 672 743 918
  • E-mail: secretaria@yernesytameza.es
  • Local Council address: Barrio La Plaza, 18, 33826 Villabre, Asturias


Primary school
Secondary school
Nursery school (0 – 3 years)
Healthcare centre / Medical practice
Bank branch / ATMs
Local shops
Petrol station
Casa de Cultura (Arts & Community Centre)
Library / Reading room
Sports facilities
Post office
(SDTL) Local technological promotion services
Car rental
Bike & Rollerblade rental
Campervan and Motorhome stopover

How to get to the municipality: by the AS-311 road

Internet connectivity
Optic fibre
5G mobile connection

Currently, optical fibre is only available in the town centre of Yernes.

Coworking facilities
Telework facilities
Business incubators
Business centres
Rural houses
Rental housing
Public rental housing
Hiking trails
Recreational areas
Green spaces and forests
Protected natural areas (Caldoveiro, Las Ubiñas-La Mesa Natural Park, Puertos de Marabio Natural Monument)
Lowest point of the Municipality: 400 m above sea level

Highest point of the Municipality: 1.374 m above sea level

Patrimonio natural: https://www.yernesytameza.es/naturaleza

Hiking, cycling, climbing

The Focea route

Pico L’Oral route

Fancuaya path

Cuevallagar path

Pico Caldoveiro route

Puerto Maravio route

Pico Buey Muerto route


Swimming pools
Spa / Thermal Waters
Security level: no data
Noise pollution level no data
Light pollution level no data
Traffic level: no data
Air quality index (AQI): no data
Chigre La Bolera (Asturian typical tavern)

La Bocandia cave

Cuevallagar cave

El Inglés cave

Corro La Señora (ancient circular construction with a false stone dome)

Corro Cuevallagar (ancient circular construction with a false stone dome)


The Cuevallagar Fair-Exhibition, Tree Day, San Antonio Festivities in Yernes, and El Rosario Festivities in Yernes y Tameza

Yeryta (cultural and residents’ association)

no data

Yernes y Tameza may be a small municipality, but its breathtaking landscape and peaceful atmosphere are noteworthy.

Located in the central western area of Asturias and flanked by the councils of Proaza, Grado and Teverga. Yernes y Tameza is characterised by its altitude and steep slopes It is a municipality of heights combined with chasms and depressions, and where limestone rock and the karstic system abound, with outcrops from the Carboniferous. It is precisely this orography that makes it an area suitable for active tourism: hiking, mountain biking, horse riding, snowshoeing, potholing, etc.

The morphology of Yernes y Tameza is shaped around the Villabre river basin, one of the most important tributaries of the river Cubia. One of its highest peaks – ideal for mountaineering – is Pico Caldoveiro, which it shares with Teverga, and one of its most lively fiestas takes place in Cuevallagar in August. Both on the border with Grado and Teverga – the Puertos de Marabio -, the landscape is of great beauty, perfect for photographing typical Asturian landscapes or for enjoying any kind of sport in nature.